Designer, Fellow Creative, and Your Biggest Hype Woman.

Hey, I'm Amanda!

Hey, I'm Amanda Hollander! I am SO happy to meet you.

I'm alllll about

Deep talks
offline experiences
bringing all the joy & ease
designing incredible websites
having a creative practice
helping you thrive in business

I'm so not about

I'm so not about

Toxic hustle culture
websites With No Personality
long & drawn out processes
ignoring what your heart needs
following the status quo
icky business practices

When I'm OOO, I'm

When I'm offline, you can find me

kayaking at the lake
painting & gardening
planning a road trip
reading self-help books
making a charcuterie board with a glass of wine

Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals

Pulling a perfect espresso shot + making some horrible latte art
cuddles with my puppy & hubby
grounding outside
reaffirming what my personal feel-good business looks like

I'm all about

As a service provider of over 7+ years AND a one-woman show (well, okay… my coworker is pictured below), I know from the bottom of my heart how important it is to have an online presence that truly reflects you, your business, and everything you stand for.

I’ve been coding and designing websites since I was literally 12 (Ahem… Myspace! I had my own template shop!) and flexing my creativity for as long as I can remember! From those days to TODAY, I am SO proud to have developed a totally unique framework for designing websites that work 24/7, a super speedy process that leaves no stone left unturned, and a skill for pulling out all the jumbled bits of your vision and turning it into a beautiful masterpiece that you feel so aligned with.

I’ve worked with countless business owners to uplevel their online presence and nothing brings me more joy than seeing their face light up when they see the final site, watching them grow their business and raise their prices with their newfound confidence, and seeing them completely flourish.

I would be absolutely THRILLED to be your web designer and create a website that truly grows your business! So — Let’s hop on a coffee chat and start brewing up the magic! I’ll get the espresso ready!

I've taken a ride around the burnout block  one too many times.

Okay, let's be real for a minute...

And you know what I've learned? That rest & play NEED to be a fundamental part of our businesses as service providers. Why? Well, our businesses RELY on us being creative, being on our game, and thinking of solutions 24/7. We truly cannot show up as our most fulfilled & creative selves if we don't have the recharge time to support our creativity. Balancing self-care and GROWING your business is an ever-evolving personal journey, but one big key part of it is this -- Having a STRONG website that supports you taking time off and grows your business while you do!

My next latte? I'm dreaming about it nonstop! That's normal... right?

But you know what I dream about even more?  Using design to help incredible service providers feel confident & proud of their business.

Let's make some magic together