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The exact tools I use to run my business efficiently, keep my mindset and self-care on track, and stay organized & productive!

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G-Suite is a super easy way to get a professional email with your domain name. I also use Google Drive every single day to organize all my files!

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Flodesk creates absolutely stunning emails, and it's so darn easy and intuitive! Sign up now while they're in Beta for an incredible deal.

wave accounting

I manage all my business accounting in Wave - It's super easy, intuitive, and FREE. Every Friday, I spend an hour reviewing my business finances.

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For all contracts, invoices, time tracking, workflows... Dubsado pretty much runs my life and it's an incredible CRM for entrepreneurs!


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amazing marvin

My to-do list hidden GEM! Marvin is incredibly robust & contains every type of productivity strategy so you can toggle the ones that work for YOU and truly customize it. Blog post coming soon!

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Dashlane holds every password I have and I open it at LEAST 30 times a day. It has been an absolute life-changer, especially when I'm on the go! It also monitors for data breaches.

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I use Evernote as storage for all my ideas, big goals, saving articles to use in the future, & basically anything I want to go back to reference in one central spot! I use it for both personal & business.


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clean my mac

Another program that I run every single day. Clean My Mac cleans up all the cached, hidden files that fill up your computer's storage and RAM everyday. It makes a massive difference!

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transcend jetdrive - 128GB

Get more storage! This goes right into your SD card slot in your computer & holds 128 GB. I keep this in my laptop at all times and keep recently archived projects/files that I might need on the go.

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G-Drive external HD: 4-10 TB

Get more storage! This is a super reliable external hard drive that is connected by USB. I keep much older files & photos that I need, but most likely don't ever need when I'm on the go.

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It feels like I'm ALWAYS renaming big batches of files and this free program makes it uber easy and quick! It's free & can be installed on your computer.

quick file renamer lite


Carbonite cloud backups

If you are not backing up your computer, you need to start RIGHT NOW. Carbonite backs up everyday into the cloud. I use the Plus plan, which backs up my computer & hard drive so everything's covered.

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Figma - Design web design mockups
Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more!
Manage WP - Manage & back-up multiple Wordpress websites
Responsinator - Check websites on all mobile devices
Pingdom - Check your website speed & get tips
Canva - Easily design graphics - Tons of free graphics, fonts, etc.
Pexels - Free stock photos
ColorZilla Chrome Extension - Pick out color codes
Easy Screenshot Chrome Extension - Self explanatory!
Font Finder Chrome Extension - Find the name of a font
Shopify Inspector Chrome Extension - See what apps stores are using
Dribbble - Design inspiration
Awwwards - Design inspiration

I can't live without this and now want one in EVERY room! Keep your coffee or tea hot until the very last drop.

marble coffee warmer

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monitor stand w/ usb ports

This saves me from having 8 different cords for USB hubs & keeps my desktop clean and clutter-free!

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A simple computer monitor to get a larger screen from my laptop when I'm working at home!

HP 23 inch computer monitor

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I LOVE this keyboard because it's wireless, solar-powered, and totally Mac friendly so I don't have to adjust my finger memory between my laptop & desktop.

Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard

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Shine App - AMAZING daily messages full of motivation & advice
DoTerra Essential Oils - For every possible use
Essential Oil Diffuser - I use it everyday!
Back Massager - Deep tissue massages
Kindle - Perfect for highlighting notes & taking books on the go
Let's Make Art Subscription - Monthly watercolor painting kits with tutorials
Instacart (Get $10) - Grocery delivery is the BEST when you're busy
Eat This Much - Amazing app for meal planning
Organifi Super Greens (free shipping) - The BEST supergreen powder!
Your Super Green Powder (15% off) - A more budget friendly, awesome green powder!




Hands down, the BEST credit card for accumulating travel points. I've gotten so many free flights! Spend $4000 in the first 3 months and get 60,000 points (that's $650 for travel, holy moley!)

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rakuten/Ebates cash back

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YNAB (You Need a Budget) is my lifeline when it comes to managing my money and has completely changed how I think about budgeting. I manage both business & personal budgets in here. Full blog post coming soon!

You Need a Budget

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I ONLY use Ally for my savings accounts because their interest rates are the highest in the industry (1.2%). Make extra money without even trying! It's also so easy to set up multiple accounts and name them for each goal.

ally bank savings accounts

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money &

Make cash back on purchases! Yes, this is totally legit and I've made $100s just from things I already needed to buy. Install the browser extension & it will pop up whenever a store has cash back to activate... Super easy! Get $10 just for signing up!