The Ampersand  Experience

Turn your website into your 24/7 salesperson so that you can prioritize working on your biz and recharge your creativity guilt-free.





It's Wednesday, 2 pm. Burnout is creeping in. You're ready to go on a hike & then pour a glass of wine, to say the least. You shut your laptop and head out to prioritize your happiness and recharge your creativity (You know, that thing clients rely on... No biggie.)

Your website shouldn't just LOOK amazing and BRING amazing results - It should also support your business thriving in and out of office. That's why we take a unique approach that's centered around making your website work harder than it ever has.

Imagine This...

Guilt? Worry? Anxiety? Nope. You have full confidence that your website is selling, nurturing, and hustling for you while you rest.

Here's why this is important:


A strategic website empowers  you to:

eloquently & powerfully convey your value & expertise

call it a day at 12 pm because your brain is just fried

actively position yourself as the go-to in your industry

go off-grid & recharge your creativity that your clients rely on

nurture potential & past clients towards a sale

enjoy a margarita in the sunshine with your pup

proactively address objections & questions from potential clients

dive into uninterrupted, undistracted client work time

Raise your prices & feel confident that your site reflects the value

turn on do-not-disturb to *finally* work on your business

What You Can Expect:

No cookie cutter brands & websites allowed - Your website is designed to ACTUALLY stop the scroll, leave a lasting impression, and position you as an expert in your industry.

Powerful copy, user experience, and visuals that deeply connect with your clients and get them feeling confident to book you. In short: Getting your website to do ALL the talking and selling for you.

Eliminating time sucks, addressing objections, and nurturing and wow'ing clients at every touchpoint in their journey from discovery to post-project support.... So that even when you're gone, your website is working hard driving your business forward.

A 3 part approach to websites that work 24/7!

1 Part Stunning Design

1 Part Conversion Strategy

1 Part "Out of Office" Proofing

specializing in:

Interior Designers   Makeup Artists   Photographers   Doulas   Florists   Event Planners    Hair Stylists    Pinterest Managers    Social Media Marketers   Copywriters   And More

Inside the
Ampersand Experience:

Your Personalized Strategy:

Your Custom Showit Website:

Your Experience During:

Your Client Journey & Touchpoints

Your Client Objections

Nurture, wow, and convert at every point from them first discovering you to post-project support!

Taking a proactive, strategic approach in making sure leads are aligned and that they feel super confident by the time they inquire.

Time Sucks in Your Client Acquisition

Strategically reducing time-sucks with your website and giving you back valuable time.

6-8 personality-packed & conversion-focused standard pages

4-6 Additional Pages tailored to your client journey & touchpoints

Typically Home, About, Service Pages, Blog, Contact, Portfolio, Media Kit, etc.

Think: Custom Thank You pages, branded booking pages, ROI calculators, onboarding pages, post-launch client portals, pre-discovery call education, etc.

High-Converting Copy Guidance & edits

Foundational SEO

The nitty gritty, technical things

Google Analytics, CRM + Email Marketing Integration, 404 Pages, Legal Pages, etc.

Streamlined, easy, and stress-free

feeling so seen & heard

My clients praise me on turning their jumbled visions into aligned masterpieces!

The perfect combo of deep knowledge and high vibes

Strategy calls over wine? I'm already pouring my glass. Excitement all the way through? 100%!

Your Experience After:

post-launch training + resources and 30 days of traffic monitoring

full confidence in your website's effectiveness

From easy content collection, the quick process, and no hassles, stress-free is my middle name.

Launch graphics & launch plan

I definitely need this!

Taylor, event planner

see her website

Amanda is your brand and website hype girl! She was the sweetest and so knowledgeable in her field. She really does her homework to ensure your brand is exactly what you want. My favorite part was the quick turn around! I loved setting a couple days to really focus on my brand and not have it take a month or months to complete. If you want you small business to grow and feel like a million dollar business, BOOK with Amanda!!!! I cannot express my gratitude for her and her work. I cannot wait to work with her again on future projects!! 

"If you want your business to grow & feel like a million dollar business, book with Amanda!"

Annaliese, pinterest manager

see her website

Working with Amanda for my website was one of the best decisions I have made for my business! If you’re needing a website for your business, working with Amanda is truly a no brainer. From beginning to end, she celebrates every win with you. It’s so evident she genuinely cares about you, and her authenticity is what drew me in to work with her. Plus, her talent and skills shine through her designs! My jaw literally dropped when I first saw my website! I’m so beyond thankful for her and the impact she’s made in my business with her design. 

"One of the best decisions I have made for my business! My jaw literally dropped when I saw my website!"

Caitlin, interior designer

see her website

Working with Amanda was absolutely the best decision we made - She really went above and beyond. Each of the pages was brought to another level, the copy was laid out beautifully and she made it all so seamless for us! We love how seamless everything flows together - It feels so connected + user-friendly that clients can easily find the information or portfolio images they are looking for. We had been working on the site ourselves for years and it always took a back-burner to running our business. We could not recommend her more, she exceeded our expectations!

"Each of the pages was brought to another level, and she made it all so seamless for us!"

Lizzie, Marketing Agency owner

see her website

Amanda is truly a creative genius! She brought my brand to life with my branding and website design process! Thank you for creating a website inline with my vision!⁠ Having both of these has truly been one of the best investments I could have done for my business. I have already seen the huge impact it has had - Now that I have my branding, Instagram and website, I am getting a great flow of new leads! My experience was truly so fun, easy and I cannot recommend Amanda enough for your branding and website needs!

"I am already getting a great flow of leads! My experience was truly so fun and easy."

Stephani, photographer

see her website

Making the investment into a website rebuild was one of the most important things I could do to grow my business. I have a great deal of repeat & word of mouth business, but having a place that is visually beautiful while also providing a wealth of information is priceless. I wanted a place where after browsing my site, you felt as though you knew me and were confident that I would capture the essence of you & your loved ones. Amanda accomplished just that. From the day it went live, I had people reaching out to compliment me on the new site and you made something that was scary to dive into, simple and effortless.

"Amanda made something that was scary to dive into simple and effortless."

Investment in your business and a website that works 24/7 for you:

My clients see a big roi on their websites. After all, a website should be designed to make you money!

Payment plans as low as $750/month for 8 months.

Add branding on to turn this into a 3 week process and enjoy a discount of $500! ($8000 -> $7500 with branding)


Ready to take the first step?

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We're a dream team if...

You've been in business for more than a year & have clear business goals.

You're a seasoned service provider and have been working for clients for more than a year. You know what your goals are, you know who your ideal clients are, and you have established packages/offerings/services.

You know the value of amazing design and are ready to uplevel your business.

A website is NEVER just a website - At least, not around here! It's a powerful tool to grow, uplevel, shift into new levels with your business and we'll work super closely with you to deep-dive into your business and make your website as strong as it can be.

You value your time out-of-office and know it's crucial for your creativity.

We can show up as our most creative, fulfilled selves for our clients and our business when we prioritize rest and play. This package (and most of my philosophies!) is centered around making your website hustle hard, so you don't have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put - I know the INS and OUTS of being service provider. Couple that with my deep knowledge of web design strategy, design skills, and my mission to always have *fun* and balance work + life and working with me means this: Experiencing a transformational uplevel of your online presence from ordinary to extraordinary. Together, we'll create a website that not only captures attention and converts clients but also aligns with your brand, showcases your expertise, and supports your LIFE. 

I know - It's so fast! After YEARS as a designer, I have found a shorter timeline allows for WAY more creative flow, focus, and results. This process is designed to be efficient, streamlined, and FUN for you! After booking, you'll get started on super fun + easy prep-work. When we kick off, we'll hold our super important strategy call before moving into the design sprint of 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, your beautiful site is ready to launch!

The Ampersand Experience is designed for seasoned service providers looking to massively grow their business with a website that works hard nurturing, selling, and converting even while they're gone. You should have a clear picture of your ideal clients so we can build a strong website!

If you've been in business less than a year and need a more simple, but strong website to get you started, check out Website in a Day!

Yes, having a solid & cohesive brand foundation is KEY to an impactful website. If you already have branding elements in place, fantastic! We'll leverage them to create a website that seamlessly aligns with your existing brand. If you don't have branding done yet, don't worry— Check out my Brand in a Week package!

PS -- If you add Brand in a Week to this package, you can enjoy a $200 discount! (Bringing it to $8600 versus $8800)

Oooo, don't tempt me to hop onto my soapbox! YES, you will always be able to edit your site. I am a FIRM advocate of empowering you to make updates and manage your business' online home!

Editing your website is super easy after we launch! To make sure that you're confident, we also hop on a 1-hour training call post launch and you'll have this training video to watch forever!

I primarily work with Showit, which is an incredible website platform that offers unparalleled creative freedom and customization options. Showit ensures your website is not only visually captivating but also optimized for user experience and search engine visibility. It also integrates seamlessly with Wordpress for powerful blogging.

Depending on your needs, I'm also fluent in Wordpress and Squarespace!

Wooooo! I cannot WAIT to get started. Keep in mind that due to the speedy process, I only book one Ampersand Experience per month. So - The sooner we connect, the sooner we can bring your dream website to life!

Simply reach out to me through the inquiry form, and we'll schedule a discovery call to discuss your project, goals, and timeline. From there, we'll schedule your project date!

Ready for a website that gives you confidence, clients, and conversions, no matter the hour or the season?

You're speakin my language!